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General Liability Coverage Apiaries & Small Bee Keeper Operations.


There are a lot variables when it comes to beekeeping, whether commercially or as an at home hobby.  Running a Beekeeping operation, of any size, requires time, energy, and patience.  It should not require a lot of energy to make sure you are properly insured! If you are in the business of beekeeping, selling the honey, or manufacturing goods from your honey, you need insurance, and Matthew C. Daley Insurance Agency can help!

The protection you need and nothing more.


We are experienced with all sizes of apiaries and as a member of the Long Island Beekeepers Assocation we know the concerns that beekeepers like you have! We offer a unique product that allows for us to protect your liabilities at home and when selling your materials to the public.  We also can insure your materials, equipment, hives, and more!

​We have worked with many apiaries over the years, and we can work with you to find the protection you need without additional expenses for unnecessary coverage.


Call us today to learn if our products would be right for you! (631) 744-3350. 

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