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Specialized Winery Protection.


At Matthew C Daley Insurance Agency, we have the best winery program in the business. With specialized products that don't exist anywhere else in the market place, we work with many wineries on Long Island to provide them with the best coverage possible with the lowest premiums available.  Want to know how we do it?  Give us a call!

The protection you need and nothing more.

We are there to protect each step that is involved with making the wine that you are proud to put your label on.  From providing protection for your harvested grapes to the post-production brand & label expenses, and everything in between!  Our experience in the wine industry allows us to know the intricate details and concerns that each winery owner might have while our products allow us to provide protection and security for them!

We know that wineries are very diverse. That’s why we offer customizable plans that allow you to choose what’s best for your operation. We offer winery products that cover every type of winery, from growers and producers, to tasting rooms and production facilities!

Call us today to learn if our products would be right for you! (631) 744-3350. 

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