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Small & Hobby Farm Insurance.


Do you use a portion of your property as a hobby farm? Whether you offer space for a select number of horses, keep bees to make honey, operate a Farm stand or maintain a Christmas tree plantation as part of your property, we can protect the assets of your operation. 

If you are thinking to yourself, I do have a small hobby farm but it’s not my main career, have no fear!  Many of our clients who participate in our small farm programs have these farms for supplemental income or hobby farming, but still have unique demands for equipment and other expenses that require protection.  If you participate in farming as a hobby, but still have concerns about whether you are properly covered, give us a call!

The protection you need and nothing more.


These at-home operations require unique customized insurance programs. We can discuss the scope of your farm and work with you one on one to create a tailor-made plan to insure not only your operation and associated equipment and assets, but also your personal property, barns, sheds and other belongings in one single product. 

Call us today to learn if our products would be right for you! (631) 744-3350. 

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