Life Insurance

Life Insurance


Life Insurance is something nobody likes to think about, much less talk about, however it is an extremely important conversation to have. 

At Matthew C Daley Insurance Agency, we know that not everyone's insurance needs are the same. That's why we help you plan ahead with life insurance programs tailored to you and your needs. Rather than a traditional guesstimate, we spend the time to work with you and identify your assets, your family situation and other aspects of your life to determine the exact amount of coverage you need. Identifying your exact needs helps us to identify the right program for you.

In order for us to determine your exact needs we look at the most important aspects and calculate the coverage needs you have.  Some important things to consider discussing with us while considering your Life Insurance planning include:  Mortgage / Rent, Personal or business debts, partnerships, educational planning, funeral expenses, and retirement needs. 

We offer both Term and Permanent products that allow you to customize your pan based on your needs. All of our products have their own benefits and we are dedicated to making sure that you are educated on all of the options available to you so that you know you are in the program that works best for you.


Here are a few quick bullet points about the difference between Term and Permanent Life Insurance:

Term Life Insurance

  •  Annual, 5, 10, 20, or 30 years

  •  Protection for the unplanned loss of life

  •  Term can be issued from age 18-60

  •  Depending on how much Life Insurance is issued a medical exam might be required

Permanent Life Insurance

  •  Length of policy is forever (as long as premiums are paid)

  •  Protection for the unplanned loss of life

  •  Also builds cash value to provide living benefits including policy withdrawals and interest accumulation

  •  Any age from 0-85

  •  Depending on how much Life Insurance is issued a medical exam might be required

The programs we offer are completely customizable based on your needs. Let us help find you the right life insurance program for you and your family. Call us today, or fill out a form to get more information! Life insurance reviews are always free, and coffee is always on us.



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