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Best Agribusiness coverage available.


At the Matthew C. Daley Insurance Agency we have the best agricultural products available in the business. By a long shot! We work with many of the farms, apiaries, wineries, horse farms and hobby farms on Long Island because our products are specific to the needs of the farm community. With all of the protection you NEED and none of the extra that just costs you money. 

The protection you need and nothing more.


Our Agency knows that farms are very diverse. That’s why we offer customizable plans that allow you to choose what’s best for your operation. We offer farm and agricultural insurance products that cover every type of farmer, from large operations to small-scale family farms and apiaries.  Our clients spend time growing crops, creating wine to distribute globally, making honey to sell at local farmers markets, and everything in between!  We also cover livestock and horses too, giving our clients the opportunity to participate actively in the equestrian markets.

Call us today to learn if our products would be right for you! (631) 744-3350. 

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